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Kang Han Soo is the main protagonist of the web novel and manhwa, FFF-Class Trashero (FFF급 관심용사). Originally a normal Korean student on Earth, he was summoned to the world of Fantasia against his will and became one of the "chosen heroes" and a student of Fantasia Academy, being designated by the teachers as a trash hero and the N°1 problem student of the school 4th training program, as well as the strongest.


Han Soo is a young man with a medium to tall height, a slim but muscular build, clear skin and coffee short hair and eyes. Each time after restarting their playthrough, Han Soo appears like when he was first summoned, using his school uniform. At the end of his first playthrough, he was taller with an extremely muscular build and bears the scars left by four of the five disasters after he killed them.

After returning to Earth and dying in battle against the Elf Hero, he is reborn as a baby in Fantasia. He develops a completely new appearance from his Nanny lineage, having a more handsome appearance and the characteristic traits of the northern men of Fantasia. At the age of three, having already become an emperor, Han Soo wore majestic outfits in accordance to his status. At the same time, using Master Mollang's teachings, he restored some of his original physical traits, merging them with the new genes obtained from his royal heritage. He also used them to grow faster while empowering his body, obtaining the appearance of a five-year old at the age of three. After deciding to proceed with the pacification of the Central Continent, he made his body grow to that of a fifteen-year old.


Before Fantasia

Prior to Fantasia, Han Soo had a pretty normal personality, only being more rational than his peers since his school days and being watch as a resourcefull person by all his classmates. He himself though of his youth himself as a normal student, not being carismatic but not antisocial either and having fun with his friends and working hard to pass his exams. Meanwhile his friends and classmates always considered him a serious and reliable person but who they could never understand his way of thinking, also teachers and classmates alike counted with his scary face to take them out of problems in front of delicuents, but they never feared him since they known that Han Soo had a kind disposition.

He like many teenagers enjoyed manga, manhwa, anime, games and light novels and feel no shame from his hobbies, openly reading magazines of those themes in his free time, however he still found difficult to deal his friends when they started to discuss their desires about travel to fantasy worlds and form harems, thinking that they should instead worry about the school exams. Since he enjoyed fantasy and sci-fi as hobbies, but didn't have any desire to abandoning his way of life he never felt atracted by the isekai talking of his friends and instead he was more worried about the nasty looks that the girls of their classrooms gave to his group. Also having a more realistic approach of the things, he saw an isekai adventure as a pain in the ass, since that would mean live in a world without any of the comodities that the modern Korea enjoyed .

While pondering about the future, Han Soo was always serius and considered himself blessed for having a good economic standing thanks to his parents work, one of the reason of why he respected them and was grateful to their care, nevertheless he also feared and resented the "love racket" of his mother and in case of his father he was annoyed that he inherated his fearful look and though that if he could have inherated the beauty of his mother he would have been an all rounded winner in life.

First Playtrough

After his summoning, Han Soo was confused, fearful and depressed the first months, founding himself in an irrational situations where he was kidnaped and forced to do the will of those who considered his owners, the Dumpling Kingdom's royalty, and risk his life and killing even when he didn't wanted, nevertheless he still tried his best to meet the expectations of their captors, thinking that they would kill him and summon another hero if he didn't cooperate, which increased his tension overtime.

From that first year, Han Soo has many memories that embarras him greatly even now, like how as a horny teenager, he was easily manipulated by the beauty of Lanuvel during the first months of his adventure and developed a crush on her, or how he had to bent to the irrational demands of the King and suffer the physical torture and abuse that was Alex 's training, ending traumatizated for a short time and developing a great fear from Alex. Among others thing that shame him was the time when he lost his virginity with a maid, who get him drunk on his first night on Fantasia and seduced him, trying to get pregnant and resolve his life living at expense of him.

Main Series

After the end of his first playthrough, Han Soo developed an egocentric and narcissistic personality that doesn't bend before anyone. He possessed a strong determination, being determinate to return to home no matter what and having confidence in the power that he would grow with effort, training, and sacrifice. He also has a strong mindset, being able to overcome the desperation and failure fast and losing little time in lamenting himself, thinking that it is better to take action to achieve his objectives. This is seen when he failed his first playthrough and when he got himself trapped in Fantasia after being tricked by Pedonar. In the same way, he would always look forward and never regret his past actions, believing that if he made a mistake, all that he could do is find a way to correct it.

While he tends to act like he has an enlarged perception of himself, he's humble upon remembering the existence of beings like Master Mollang and thinks about himself as a normal person. At the same time, he also has a diligent attitude, having constantly worked hard during his first playthrough in order to return home and complete his mission, since he was the hero and people will die and the world would end if he wasted time or failed to defeat Pedonar. For the same reason, he devoted himself to travel across all the continents of Fantasia to gather knowledge and in search for another way to home since he couldn't fully trust that he would return if the demon king died and also because he doesn't feel obligated to continue to fight a world that kidnapped him and treated everyone worst. Meanwhile, he tends to extol the cultured lifestyle of the Earth and despise Fantasia, where he found it uncomfortable for the absence of flushing toilets and entertainment. What he truly disliked was the barbarism of the inhabitants that tried to abuse of him.

On the intellectual side, Han Soo stand out for his adaptability and analytic abilities, being able to see situations more clearly than others, exampled in how he constantly thought on ways to improve his results during the playthroughs, with varied results because of his vastly different perception of the things from the normal people and the teaching staff, or how he was able to deduce the nature of the world of Fantasia and the existence of the secondary and higher curriculums.

After ten years on Fantasia, he developed an ease for killing and extreme disdain for the ones who declare themselves his enemies or have the intention of standing in his way, born of the many times that he almost died and the difficult situations that he would meet by his comrades fault, who tend to act without thinking. This ruined most of his plans, and he responded irrationally to many situations. This is also led to the bad relationships that Han Soo, constructed with them because their personalities were too different, with Han Soo being more pragmatism. Meanwhile, his companions had a more romantic view of things, acting guided by their feelings. For this, Han Soo remember bitterly situations where his friends saved people but never though what would happen later, like when they freed the Parunaru village in the East Continenet from the control of Dark Commerce but whose action almost marked the end of that and other similar villages who lost the trust of the merchants and almost end dying from starvation, or the time when they killed a corrupt member of a royal family and flee the contry, forcing Han Soo to take the guilt from those actions in order to prevent the royal family to judge innocents in order to save face.

For all his time in Fantasia, Han Soo also has a firm belief in the importance of the strength, believing that no matter who you are, if you meet someone stronger than you, it could all be taken from you, starting with your possessions and ending with your life. This is reflected in how he used to train meanwhile his companions celebrate after their victories in wars, quests and dungeons, because he believed that if he wasn't the strongest at some point the blade of one of his companions could cut his throat and without the authority of the strength he wouldn't be able to control his irrational teammates. At the same way, after learning about the Teaching Staff and realizing that the power of the skills could be like an illusion against them. He started to think about how to attain strength outside that skill system. In that sense, Han Soo believes that science is the true power of the man and what has led the humankind to where it is, being that appreciation and understand of science is what allowed him to learn and take advantage of the teaching of Master Mollang.

On his interpersonal relationships he tends to be direct and usually disrespectful with the others, mostly calling them with easy to remember nicknames like Elf A, Porter, or distorted versions of their real names. This is because he doesn't think it's important to remember the names of those who he doesn't want to construct a long term or significant relationship, that being the case with most of the inhabitants of Fantasia since he has always strived to return to Earth. Furthermore, as Han Soo values high the strength he only recognizes and respect the strong like his dear comrade Noebius, Master Mollang, Hippolia and the Demon King Pedonar. He love those that can be explioited naviely like those who he considers gentlemen, intelligent and scumbag like Tony, Porter and Nasus. He's often also liked justifying his action as righteous to strike up a few point in regarding his pure character and personality grade.

On the opposite side, Han Soo despise those who are foolish and try to exploit him, like the Dumpling King and the many inhabitants of Fantasia who though that they could obtain money from him or that he must solve all their problems freely because he was the hero. At the same time, he's a person that doesn't forget or forgive easily, being sure to take revenge properly like how he killed Alex during his second playthrough for how he treated him poorly during his first year on Fantasia. This is also reflected on the fact that while he doesn't put any effort in remembering the names of most people that he meets in Fantasia, though he makes sure to remember the names of those who he has a deep resentment towards or people he could expliot easily such as girls that lust for him.

Meanwhile, in his love life, Han Soo state after returning to Earth was that he has never fallen in love but still he has had a lot of raping affairs, having slept with a great deal of women during his first playthrough, like the three Saintess of Fantasia, and many more in his subsequent playthroughs. He tends to call his partners as "hot water bags," reflecting that he think of most of his relationship as only affairs and that he likes to sleep with women during the nights to feel comfortable, a habit that became more marked after meeting Hippolia, who he spends most of his nights along with. Nevertheless, Han Soo is by any sense someone who can't be easily manipulated by the looks of the women or the promise of sex, in fact his personal belief is that only navie and dumb hoe that isn't able to think is the best type of girls, refusing to sleep or relation with beautiful women's like Imperial Princess, Aqua and the Student Council President because he disliked her personalities.

Meanwhile, in battle, Han Soo likes to fight in ways that makes his enemies suffer. This is seen when he killed the harem of Sieg when his Former companion tried to use the power of the Holy Sword 1. So, he killed his cheer squad as the simplest and most effective way to stop it. At the same way, he tends to be merciless with his enemies, assassinating Boris' harem in front of his eyes while the prince was losing in a battle with him, not stopping even after hearing the plea of misericordy. While fighting, he tends to get excited and smile in front of the carnage, joking and killing in a great variety of ways, like the time when he massacres the elves that attacked the Black Market. He also doesn't allow himself to be manipulated in any way, even while dealing with hostages, since he knows that he will end losing more by giving in, so in place he promises himself and his comrades to be sure to take revenge against his enemies. This is seen when he's forced to fight and almost kill to his adoptive son, Ssukdduk while he was brainwashed by the Parmael, having the determination to finish him and regretting that he doesn't have a chance to see him again. It's also highly suggested that he wouldn't mind allowing people sleep with his spouse/love one if it could achieve any good practical result for him.


  • Kang Han Soo is proud of his skills to hit specific spots (like between 4th and 5th lumbar vetrebrae) on his opponents' spine.
  • Kang Han Soo prefers Demon Swords because of their exciting buck-wild nature.
  • The reason why Han Soo's first playtrough was so hard was because the system decided that he would fail anyway based of his first years as hero. So, in order to make him die and meet a teacher sooner, the difficultly of his adventure was increased several times.
  • He has a bad habit of killing women while kissing them.
  • Kang Han Soo thinks that if his 1st playtrough would become a novel it would comprise 20 volumes as would be a selling disaster since the first three volumes would be nothing more than Alex beating the crap of him and the Dumpling King ordering him around.
  • Kang Han Soo was the first 'Hero' to achieve S-grade in combat ability.
    • He was also the first 'Hero' to obtain SS-grade in combat ability
    • He was also the first 'Hero' to obtain SSS-grade in combat ability
    • He was also the first 'Hero' to obtain MAX-grade in combat ability
  • Kang Han Soo was the first 'Hero' to achieve F-grade in character.
    • He was also the first 'Hero' to obtain FF-grade in character.
    • He was also the first 'Hero' to obtain FFF-grade in character.
  • Kang Han Soo achieved FFF-grade in character because he has talked with Pedonar casually.
  • He slept with Ayles after killing the Elf King.[1]
  • After the Second Playthrough, Kang Han Soo became the first 'Hero' ever to achieve an SS-grade.
  • After the Third Playthrough, Kang Han Soo became the first 'Hero' ever to achieve an SSS-grade.
  • Kang Han Soo seems to have slept with the three Saintess of Fantasia in his first playtrough, rating the skills on the bed of Saintess C as the best of the three.
  • He only remembers the name of someone in two cases, when he feels a deep resentment against him or when he is a worldly famous person.
  • The only beings Kang Han Soo is afraid of are Master Mollang and his mother.
  • He was tricked by Pedonar into replacing him as a demon king.
  • He defeated all of the teaching staff.
  • Have a fetish for girl with hernia problem.
  • Extremely narcissistic and twisted mindset.
  • Han Soo has accumulated 239 achievements and broke many records in the history of Fantasia Education Academy. Among some of them are listed next:
    • > 1: Killed the Demon Lord as soon as possible in elementary education. ★★
    • > 2: The first in elementary education that has killed the Supreme Dragon of Oblivion. ★
    • > 3: Killed the Demon Lord without the Holy Sword and in no time in elementary education. ★
    • > 4: Killed a Demon Lord without companions and in no time in elementary education. ★
    • > 5: The first in the elementary education class to have killed the High Dragon of Oblivion without the Holy Sword.
    • > 6: The first in the elementary education class to have killed the High Dragon of Oblivion without companions.
    • > 7: In the shortest possible time in elementary education, killed the High Dragon of Oblivion without the Holy Sword.
    • > 8: In the shortest possible time, in the elementary education course, killed the High Dragon of Oblivion without companions.
    • > 9: In the shortest possible time in primary education, reached the transcendental area of ​​skills. ★★
    • > 10: In the shortest possible time won a prize at the Festival of the Primary Education Course. ★★
    • > 11: Updated the record for the number of points scored in the Primary Education Course Festival. ★★
    • ....
    • > 46: The first among all the students to have defeated the second demon.
    • > 47: In the shortest possible time, among all the students, defeated the second demon.
    • > 48: Fastest growth of all students.
    • > 49: Voted as the cutest Hero by the residents of Fantasia. ★★★
    • > 50: Voted most fearsome Hero by the inhabitants of Fantasia.
    • > 51: Voted by the inhabitants of Fantasy, elected as the greatest ruler. ★
    • > 52: Voted Most Dangerous Assassin by the residents of Fantasia.
    • ....
    • > 134: Youngest Admission to Secondary Education
    • > 135: Shortest admission period for secondary education
    • > 136: Voted as the most Admired Hero by the residents of Fantasia
    • > 137: Voted as the most Influential Hero by the residents of Fantasia
    • > 138: Voted as the most Loved Male by the female residents of Fantasia
    • > 140: Voted as the Safest Hero by the residents of Fantasia
    • > 141: Voted as the Most Admired by the male residents of Fantasia
    • > 157: Fantasia Mermaid Voting, Choose the Male You Want to Pair Most
    • > 162: Voted as the Greatest Leader by the residents of Fantasia
    • > 166: Voted as the Most Reliable Husband Selection by the residents of Fantasia
    • > 172: Most deadly kisser in the Fantasia System
    • > 173: Most lethal finger holder in the Fantasia System
    • ....
    • > 184: The one who slaughtered the most dragons in the shortest time
    • > 185: The one who slaughtered the most angels in the shortest time
    • > 186: The One Who Slaughtered the Most Demons in the Fastest Time
    • > 187: Most handsome murderer in the shortest time
    • > 188: Most Beautiful Killer in a Short Time
    • ....
    • > 234: History changer
    • > 235: Culture-shifter
    • > 236: Economist
    • > 237: Geographer
    • > 237: Society changer
    • ....
    •  ???: Most Wanted Criminal in Fantasia (Lost to Riel)